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You wonder how to create a yearbook ?

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comité étudiant du yearbook

Tell us about your project

créer un yearbook facilement

Design your yearbook

impression exemplaire test du yearbook

We send you a preview

impression et livraison des yearbooks

We print it and deliver it to you

Create your school yearbook online in no time

With our online yearbook creator

Collaboration du comité étudiant

100% collaborative

Photos à mettre dans le yearbook

Pictures & logos

Idées de layouts pour le yearbook

Layout ideas

créer yearbook en ligne pages eleves
Support quotidien équipe Yearbook Memories

Support 24/7

Ajout de texte dans le yearbook

Text editing

Flexibilité de design du yearbook

Design flexibility

No matter what your budget

We optimize it to let your creativity speak for itself!



The team is available 24/7 and is very professional. Thank you very much for this great yearbook full of memories!
avis yearbook brussels business school
GregoryBrussels Business School
The team met all of our needs staying within our budget. It allowed us to create the yearbook the way we wanted it!
avis yearbook sacre coeur de lindthout
EryckSacré Coeur de Lindthout
Thank your for your patience, your availability and your good advices! All of the students love the yearbook we made together!
avis yearbook ecole ganenou belgique
VictoriaGanenou School


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