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You wonder how to create a yearbook ?

It’s quite easy! Just follow these few steps

Tell us the number of yearbooks you want to print, the number of pages, the type of cover (imitation leather, soft cover, hard cover) and any additional service you may need for your project.

Tell us about your project

Our team helps you from the start to design a stunning yearbook. If needed, we have an online yearbook maker to create your leavers book easily and quickly.

We design together your book

Before the final book print, we send you a free proof test in order to check the details of each page. No more changes to be made? Perfect, your year book is ready to be printed!

You receive a proof test

The yearbook printing is done in our workshops in Brussels. We then deliver the leaver’s books in Belgium, Switzerland and throughout Europe, whether at school or at home! 

We print it and deliver it to you

Create your school yearbook online in no time

With our online yearbook creator

Collaboration du comité étudiant

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100% collaborative

Photos à mettre dans le yearbook

Pictures & logos

Idées de layouts pour le yearbook

Layout ideas

Support quotidien équipe Yearbook Memories

Support 24/7

Ajout de texte dans le yearbook

Text editing

Flexibilité de design du yearbook

Design flexibility

No matter what your budget

We optimize it to let your creativity speak for itself!




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