Its origins and purpose

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The yearbook, also called leaver’s book, is a resume of the major events that happened during an academic year. The students’ best memories are immortalized forever on paper: a whole year is told in text and images through the pages.

The yearbook represents a well-established tradition in schools in Anglo-Saxon countries such as the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia. In the last few years, more and more European schools and colleges have also made it their new tradition.

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An educational project that gathers

Usually a student class, group or committee is responsible for creating the yearbook. They are often supported by teachers if the yearbook is an initiative of the school. Thanks to its expertise, Yearbook Memories also has the role to support students from the beginning of their project until the printing and delivery of the books.

Making a yearbook is a fun project because it brings students together around a common goal. Indeed, this project involves group work, good organization, funny moments and above all, a lot of creativity!

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A creative project

To create a yearbook, the two watchwords are organization and creativity to find the best ideas and make it a unique and original book! Whether it’s to draw the logo, design the yearbook’s content or personalize the layouts, it’s an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Of course, not everyone is a professional graphic designer…

Our team has thought of those who are less comfortable with graphic design. Yearbook Memories’ software allows you to create your yearbook online easily in no time! This online platform provides students and teachers with hundreds of templates, graphic elements and predefined layouts for text and images. In addition, it is a collaborative tool that allows you to create the yearbook together with your friends remotely!

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School memories immortalized

Finally, a yearbook is usually organized into different sections, such as the following:

–     The school principal introduction
–     Teachers’ Portraits
–     Class pictures
–     Students’ Portraits
–     School Events
–     School trips
–     Anecdotes, games, personal words and other original sections

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