You’re in charge of designing the yearbook of your academic year? Here are several examples of yearbooks to inspire you and help you create your yearbook. On the one hand, you will find yearbook covers. On the other hand, you’ll find yearbook sections and spread ideas.

  • Yearbook cover ideas
  • Yearbook design inspiration
  • Couverture de yearbook

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Need some yearbook design ideas? Click below to see more cover examples. They were created either by students from our partner schools and colleges or by our professional graphic designer.

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  • Yearbook student portraits
  • Yearbook section event étudiant
  • Yearbook section photo de classe

Need some yearbook design ideas? Click below to discover even more theme and spread examples. This will give you inspiration on which content to put in a yearbook and how to organize it.

See yearbook sections

Wanna make a yearbook but don’t know how to do it or even how to start? Our team is here to answer all your questions! Feel free to contact us directly by email or phone or request a free quote. Our 10 years of experience with Belgian and Swiss schools have consolidated our expertise in yearbook design and printing. We would be really happy to help you realize this beautiful project!

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