The easy steps to create and print a stunning yearbook

Definition of your needs

To start your yearbook project, contact us by email, phone or request a free quote. Our goal is to understand your needs and define together the best way to make your project come true. We can even arrange a meeting at the school to talk about it in person. The more precise your request, the more detailed our quote will be: number of units, number of pages, type of cover, need of our yearbook online creator or any other additional services.

Based on your request, we set the price per yearbook. We can also start from a budget limit and propose you the different possibilities according to this budget.
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Good to know:
– The higher the number of pages, the cheaper the price per page;
– The higher the number of yearbooks ordered, the lower the price per yearbook;
– Prices also vary according to the type of cover.

Budget setting
Schedule elaboration

You have confirmed our quote? The collaboration can begin! The special feature of our team is to support and advise you throughout your project. To do so, we establish with you a calendar in order to organize the creation of your yearbook around several key dates. This is obviously done in consultation with the other members of your committee. Our 10 years of experience have shown us that this is the most optimal way to make your yearbook project on time!

You and your committee create the yearbook yourself from A to Z? Perfect, just send us the finished yearbook file in PDF format.

You don’t know how to make a yearbook or you’re looking for a software to create it online? Our web app Yearbook Memories allows you to design a yearbook quickly and easily!

If needed, we also offer other additional services related to the creation of the yearbook.

yearbook design
yearbook proof

Once we receive the final version of your yearbook, we send you a free proof of your yearbook, either printed or in PDF format. This allows you and your committee to check the details of each page. In that way, if needed, you will be able to make any final modifications to the yearbook before it is printed.

As soon as everything is confirmed from your side, we start printing the yearbooks in Belgium, in our workshops located in Brussels. The pages are first printed separately and then bound together with the yearbook cover you have chosen: soft cover, hard cover or imitation leather cover.

yearbook printing
yearbook delivery

The printing is over? The delivery of the yearbooks can begin. The delivery can be done at school, at home or elsewhere, we remain very flexible according to the requests! We deliver in Belgium, but also in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and throughout Europe. We can also organize express deliveries if needed.