The easy steps to print your student hoodies and custom clothing

Definition of your needs

To start your project contact us by email, phone or via our contact form to get a free quote. Our goal is to understand your needs and define together the best way to customize your student sweatshirt. The more you specify your request, the more detailed our quote will be: number of items, type of sweater or clothing, number of prints, color(s) of each print, types of prints, customizations… or any request you have for an additional service (graphic design, layout).

Based on your criteria, we set the price per custom hoodie. We can also start from your budget limit and offer you the different possibilities according to it.
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Good to know :
–   The more sweatshirts you order, the cheaper the price per sweatshirt is.
–   The color of the sweater has no impact on the price.
–   Prices also vary according to: the type of textile, the type of print, the number of prints and the colors of the prints.

Budget setting
Schedule elaboration

You confirmed our quote? The collaboration can start! The specificity of our team is that we support you and advise you during all your project. In order to do so, we establish with you, the student committee, a schedule to organize the custom hoodies printing around several key dates. Our 10 years of experience have shown us that it’s the best way to make your project come true quickly so that you have it in time for an evening out, your school trip or before the holidays!

You and the committee will then create the logo, texts or any other visual to be printed on the textile and send them to us. Our graphic designer will adapt them to the right format for printing.

Need any help, advice or inspiration for the graphic design? Our team is here to help! Don’t hesitate to take a look at our services to find out more.

Custom hoodie design
3D preview & pre-trial

Once the logos and other visuals are ready, we send you a 3D preview of your custom hoodie in PDF format. This allows you to check the layout of the prints and validate everything before the final printing.

Whenever possible, and upon request, we also send our unprinted sweaters in different sizes free of charge, so that students can try them on and choose their size without making any mistakes.

Once everything is confirmed from your side, we start printing the custom hoodies in Belgium, in our workshops. There are different types of printing on textile to suit all wishes and budgets: screen printing, embroidery, transfer, flex or flocking.

Sweaters printing
Sweaters delivery

The printing is done, the delivery of the student sweaters can begin! The delivery can be done at school, at your home or elsewhere, we remain very flexible according to customers and requests! We deliver in Belgium, but also in Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and all over Europe. We can also organize express deliveries if needed.