What is the format of a yearbook?

In general, our clients order yearbooks in A4 book format, but everything is possible. We adapt to all requests!

Do you do express deliveries?

Yes. If you’re in a hurry to receive your order, no problem! We also do express deliveries, but they can involve extra fees. We adapt to all requests to ensure the best customer service! In any case, don’t hesitate to contact us to find the best solution together.

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, we also deliver abroad! Depending on the delivery address, the price of the order may vary. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a personalized quote, we will answer you quickly to find the best solution!

Do you make quantity discounts?

Of course, the price per item is always more advantageous depending on the quantity ordered! In other words, the more items ordered, the lower the price per item.

Do you make student rates?

We adapt to all budgets! As we are used to work with a student clientele since 10 years, we always try to find the most advantageous rate for students based on requests and customizations. We’re here to advise you in your choices!

What determines the price of a yearbook?

Several factors determine our rates:

– The number of yearbooks
– The number of pages
– The style of cover
– The delivery address
– Any additional service (graphic design, photography, etc.)

Our prices are personalized and adapted to each customer. The total price of your order therefore depends on different factors. All the details can be found on our quote page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to answer you!

How much are the delivery costs ?

Standard delivery costs in Belgium can vary from 0 to 70 euros. But most of the time, as a goodwill gesture (e.g. for any new collaboration), we offer the delivery to our customers. It all depends on the location, as we are based in Brussels.

Deliveries outside Belgium or express deliveries may involve additional fees. Anyway, feel free to contact us for a personalized price!

I don’t know anything about graphic design. Can you help me?

We support you throughout the whole project. If you don’t have any creative idea or if you need help with graphic design (logo, choice of typography, drawing, etc.), our graphic designer is there to help you!

Graphic design is an additional service that we offer you, so it is subject to additional fees. In any case, we discuss with you the best solution to respect your budget!

Can I get a preview of my yearbook before it is printed?

Yes, of course! Depending on your location, we’ll send you a printed yearbook test or an online proof test. In any case, you will receive the online test version! This allows you to check if the finished product meets your expectations and, if not, to make any changes before the final printing of all the yearbooks.

What is the price of a yearbook?

The price of a yearbook can vary from 15€ to 60€ depending on the customizations chosen and any additional service (e.g. graphic designer, photographer, etc.). If you want to know the factors that influence the price of your yearbook, don’t hesitate to consult our quote page or contact us directly.

How many pages should a yearbook contain?

In general, our customers rarely ask for yearbooks under 60 double-sided pages, i.e. 120 sides. Some of our customers even ask us for yearbooks of 550 sides (225 double-sided pages). It all depends on the sections you want to integrate. 

The good thing to know is that the more pages you have, the lower the price per page. But in reality, there is no real rule to follow, we adapt to all requests! 

In which format should I send my files to create a yearbook?

If you are in charge of the graphic design and our role is limited to printing, we ask you to send us your files in pdf format. We do not recommend the word format because there may be compatibility problems or modified layout. In case you need help with graphic design or layout, contact us and we’ll find together the best solution! 

We support you throughout the project, so if you have any problem or questions, we’re always here to help!

Which info should I give if I request a yearbook quote?

The more you tell us what you want, the more we can answer you in details. Here is some information we would need to send you the most complete quote as possible:

– The number of yearbooks
– The number of pages (e.g. 100 double-sided pages corresponds to 200 sides)
– The style of cover (flexible, cardboard, leather)
– The desired delivery date
– Any additional service (graphic designer, photographer, etc.)

Can I receive a commitment-free quote?

Our quotes are of course free of any charge or commitment! We’ll answer all your questions and try to find together the best way to make your wishes come true. 

It’s very easy to request a quote. You can either contact us directly by phone (+32 (0) 470 42 47 06), by email (hello@yearbook.be) or via our contact form. Don’t hesitate to give us as much information as you can. The more precise you are, the more we can give you a detailed answer.

We’ll submit you a quote as soon as possible, within one to two workdays. We will prove to you that we are a professional and efficient partner with whom it’s easy to work!

What are the creation steps of a yearbook?

In general, we organize the yearbook creation project in a few key steps:

1. Define your needs: tell us exactly what you want so that we can respond to your request as much as possible. If needed, we’re always available for a meeting in order to understand your expectations and find the best solution.

2. Creative idea: you, the person in charge or the student committee is responsible for preparing the creative content and laying it out before sending it to us. If you need any help with the graphic design or need any advice or inspiration, our team and  graphic designer are always here to help.

3. Yearbook test: once you have sent us all the content of your yearbook, you will receive a free printed yearbook test or an online proof test. This allows you to check and confirm us your project before the final printing of all the yearbooks.

4. Printing and delivery: as soon as you confirm that everything is OK, we print the yearbooks and deliver them as soon as possible to your home or school.

Keep in mind that we ensure you a follow-up and support from the beginning of the project until the end.

What is the delivery time?

As soon as we have your final confirmation for printing, we are very fast! The time depends on various factors: the number of items, the style of coverage or clothing, the delivery address, etc.

For any further questions, please contact us directly by phone (+32 (0) 470 42 47 06), by email (hello@yearbook.be) or via our contact form.

What content should I put in my yearbook?

Yearbooks are a summary of the school year activities and events and highlight senior students. To make it easier to design and to read, we recommend to divide the yearbook into several sections. For example: table of contents, teacher portraits and words, class photos, pages dedicated to students, events and activities, anecdotes and other original sections.

Don’t hesitate to contact Yearbook Memories team as we are specialized in designing and printing yearbooks for many years. Our mission is to assist students and schools in the design of their yearbook to create an unforgettable memory of that special year!