What are the creation steps of a yearbook?
Nov 05

What are the creation steps of a yearbook?

In general, we organize the yearbook creation project in a few key steps:

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1. Define your needs: tell us exactly what you want so that we can respond to your request as much as possible. If needed, we’re always available for a meeting in order to understand your expectations and find the best solution.

2. Creative idea: you, the person in charge or the student committee is responsible for preparing the creative content and laying it out before sending it to us. If you need any help with the graphic design or need any advice or inspiration, our team and  graphic designer are always here to help.

3. Yearbook test: once you have sent us all the content of your yearbook, you will receive a free printed yearbook test or an online proof test. This allows you to check and confirm us your project before the final printing of all the yearbooks.

4. Printing and delivery: as soon as you confirm that everything is OK, we print the yearbooks and deliver them as soon as possible to your home or school.

Keep in mind that we ensure you a follow-up and support from the beginning of the project until the end.