Is it possible to try on the sweaters to choose the right size?

Yes, of course! To make sure that you and your friends choose the right size, we can send you for free our unprinted sweaters in several sizes to try them on before printing yours.

What determines your rates for customized cloting?

Several factors determine our rates:

– The number of products
– The style of sweater or clothing
– The number of logos and the color(s) of the logos
– The style of printing
– The delivery address
– Any additional service (graphic design, photography, etc.)

Our prices are personalized and adapted to each customer. The total price of your order therefore depends on different factors. All the details can be found on our quote page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you!

Do all logos need to be identical for the same order?

Not necessarily. Of course you can order all your sweaters with the same logo. But you can also choose, for example, a logo for the first half of the sweaters and choose a different logo for the other half of the sweaters. Everything is possible!

It all depends on your choices, we adapt to all requests and remain very flexible.

Can I group several styles of clothing in the same order?

Yes, of course! If you want to order hoodies, crew necks and t-shirts at once, it’s possible. We take all requests into account.

What info should I give when I request a quote for customized clothing?

The more you tell us what you want, the more we can answer you in details. Here is some information we would need to send you the most complete quote as possible:

– The number of sweaters/clothing
– The style of sweater (hoodie, crew neck, with or without pocket) or style of clothing
– The style of printing (screen printing, flex or flock, transfer, embroidery)
– The number of logos
– The color(s) of the prints
– The printing locations (front, back, heart, sleeve, hood, etc.)
– The desired delivery date
– Any additional service (graphic designer, photographer, etc.)

In which format should I send my files to create customized clothing?

For those who know a little bit about graphic design, we ask you to send us the vectorized files in eps format. For those who know a little less about it, we ask you to send us any information (image, text, customization, etc.) in pdf, jpeg or excel list format. In this case, our graphic designer will be in charge of vectorizing the files so they can be printed.

In any case, we support you throughout the project, so if you have any problem or questions, we’re always here to help you!

Do you do express deliveries?

Yes. If you’re in a hurry to receive your order, no problem! We also do express deliveries, but they can involve extra fees. We adapt to all requests to ensure the best customer service! In any case, don’t hesitate to contact us to find the best solution together.

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, we also deliver abroad! Depending on the delivery address, the price of the order may vary. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a personalized quote, we will answer you quickly to find the best solution!

Do you make quantity discounts?

Of course, the price per item is always more advantageous depending on the quantity ordered! In other words, the more items ordered, the lower the price per item.

Do you make student rates?

We adapt to all budgets! As we are used to work with a student clientele since 10 years, we always try to find the most advantageous rate for students based on requests and customizations. We’re here to advise you in your choices!

How much are the delivery costs ?

Standard delivery costs in Belgium can vary from 0 to 70 euros. But most of the time, as a goodwill gesture (e.g. for any new collaboration), we offer the delivery to our customers. It all depends on the location, as we are based in Brussels.

Deliveries outside Belgium or express deliveries may involve additional fees. Anyway, feel free to contact us for a personalized price!

I don’t know anything about graphic design. Can you help me?

We support you throughout the whole project. If you don’t have any creative idea or if you need help with graphic design (logo, choice of typography, drawing, etc.), our graphic designer is there to help you!

Graphic design is an additional service that we offer you, so it is subject to additional fees. In any case, we discuss with you the best solution to respect your budget!

Can I receive a commitment-free quote?

Our quotes are of course free of any charge or commitment! We’ll answer all your questions and try to find together the best way to make your wishes come true. 

It’s very easy to request a quote. You can either contact us directly by phone (+32 (0) 470 42 47 06), by email (hello@yearbook.be) or via our contact form. Don’t hesitate to give us as much information as you can. The more precise you are, the more we can give you a detailed answer.

We’ll submit you a quote as soon as possible, within one to two workdays. We will prove to you that we are a professional and efficient partner with whom it’s easy to work!

Can I get a preview of my sweater before it is printed?

Yes, of course! Once you send us your logos and texts, our graphic designer will make a 3D preview of your sweater. It will be sent to you by email. This allows you to check if it meets your wishes and, if not, to send us any comments you may have before the final printing of all the sweaters.

Does the price change if I choose several colors of sweaters for the same order?

Everything is possible! You want to make half of the sweaters green and the other half red? You can do it! Asking for sweaters of different colors in the same order has no impact on the price. However, we advise our customers not to exceed 3-4 colors per order. 

What may change the price is the style of printing, the number of logos and the color(s) of the logos. For more details, don’t hesitate to check our quote page or contact us directly. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

What kind of printing on clothing do you do?

In order to meet all requests, we propose several styles of printing:

Screen printing: it’s a printing on the clothing. This option is the most chosen by our customers.
Flex or floc: it’s the ideal printing for any customization (nickname, name, number, etc.)
Transfer: gluing technique (it’s generally not recommended because it’s less resistant to washing)

You don’t know what style of printing to choose? Feel free to contact us, we’re here to advise you!

Are your sweatshirts in unisex size?

Generally, our customers ask us for unisex size sweaters. However, if you want, we also have women’s and men’s clothing. We take all wishes into account! To make sure you choose the right size, we can send you for free our unprinted sweaters in several sizes in order to try them on before the final printing.

Which sizes of sweaters do you have?

We have sweatshirts from size S to XXL or even XXXL. Depending on the style and colors, there are also kids’ sizes from 3 to 13-14 years old (equivalent to XS). To make sure that you and your friends choose the right size, we can send you for free our unprinted sweaters in several sizes to try them on before the final printing.

What is the price of a personalized sweater?

Starting at 15 euros, you can already get a personalized sweater! It all depends on the different customizations you choose. To know the factors that influence the price of your sweater, consult our quote page.

Do you have any restrictions in terms of sweater colors or printing colors?

There is no color restriction for the sweaters. It all depends on the colors available depending on the style and brand of the sweater you choose.

Concerning the printings, we propose a wide range of colors. Keep in mind that premium colors such as gold, silver and fluorescent are considered as a “2-colors printing”, so it’s a little bit more expensive than a “1-color printing”.

Until now, none of our customers had any problem finding a color that suited them. So, don’t hesitate to contact us to tell us exactly what you want!

What are the creation steps of a customized clothing?

In general, we organize the sweaters and clothing design project in a few key steps :

1. Define your needs: tell us exactly what you want so we can respond to your request as much as possible. If needed, we’re always available for a meeting to understand your expectations and find the best solution.

2. Creative idea: you, the person in charge or the student committee will prepare the creative content and send it to us. If you need help with the graphic design or need any advice or inspiration, our team and graphic designer are always here to help.

3. 3D preview and pre-testing: once you have chosen the customizations, we send you a free 3D preview of your sweater by email. This allows you to check and confirm us your project before the final printing. We can also send you for free our unprinted sweaters in different sizes (on demand) so that you can try them on and choose the right size.

4. Printing and delivery: as soon as you confirm that everything is OK, we print the sweaters and deliver them as soon as possible to your home or school.

Keep in mind that we ensure you a follow-up and support from the beginning of the project until the end.

What is the delivery time?

As soon as we have your final confirmation for printing, we are very fast! The time depends on various factors: the number of items, the style of coverage or clothing, the delivery address, etc.

For any further questions, please contact us directly by phone (+32 (0) 470 42 47 06), by email (hello@yearbook.be) or via our contact form.